Aims & Values

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At Sicklinghall, we believe every child has the right to equality of opportunity, and access to the whole curriculum. We aim to provide a learning environment for every child which:

  • is safe and secure
  • is exciting, stimulating, challenging and relevant 
  • develops the confidence and talents of each individual
  • fosters self-esteem, self-awareness and motivates learning
  • promotes the qualities of being resourceful, reflective and resilient, appropriate to and matched with individual needs
  • offers a wide range of activities, which includes the requirements of the National Curriculum. 

Our aims are:

to ensure that all our children are happy here and enjoy learning through a high quality, broad, balanced education in a healthy and secure environment.

to encourage our children to achieve high standards in their intellectual, physical and creative development, and to value their success.

to offer a wide range of opportunities which encourage independent learning and the development of self-confidence.

to develop caring attitudes in our children by emphasising the importance of courtesy, good manners, consideration for and tolerance of others in the school community and beyond.

to promote a sense of wonder, and foster the children’s moral, cultural and spiritual development.