Aims & Values

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At Sicklinghall, our motto is 'to achieve the best we can'. In order to achieve the best we can: 

  • we aspire
  • we are resilient
  • we embrace challenge
  • we encourage and 
  • we include.


These are the values that we live by and work towards at Sicklinghall CP School. Each value is underpinned by four key aims which are described below. 

We aspire by: 

  1. putting maximum effort into all that we do. 
  2. knowing how we can make positive contributions as learners and as people. 
  3. recognising our own skills and talents and working hard to build upon them.
  4. always seeking to improve. 


We are resilient by:

  1. embracing mistakes as an important part of the learning process.
  2. not expecting to succeed first time every time.
  3. tackling our next steps with openness and a positive desire to improve.
  4. accepting that one person’s strength is another person’s challenge.


We embrace challenge by:

  1. tackling new learning and new experiences positively and bravely. 
  2. remembering that effort and attitude are the keys to success.
  3. leading our own learning with increasing independence.
  4. recognising that there is more than one way to solve a problem.


We encourage by:

  1. recognising the skills and talents of others and helping them to recognise and build upon them.
  2. recognising and celebrating individual achievements and milestones, both our own and others’. 
  3. supporting and nurturing whilst promoting independence.
  4. being positive, friendly and kind.


We include by:

  1. valuing others for who they are and what they contribute.
  2. celebrating that diversity and difference enrich our experiences.
  3. being tolerant towards members of our school, our community, our country and our world.
  4. knowing every member of our community as an individual.