Federation with Goldsborough CE Primary School

Our school entered into a formal collaboration with Sicklinghall CP School in January 2015. In January 2017, the governing boards of both schools, following a period of consultation, federated and became one board- the Federation of Goldsborough CE and Sicklinghall CP Schools. Mr Shillito is Headteacher of both Goldsborough and Sicklinghall Schools and staff, pupils and the schools' Parent Teacher Associations work together to further improve outcomes for our pupils. To find out more about Goldsborough School, please click here to visit the school website. 

Collaborative activities to date include:

Shared residential for Y4 and 5 to Bewerley Park

Shared residential for 6 to Fellside, Cumbria

Shared opportunities for revision and for curriculum enrichment, e.g. Poetry Slam

Shared choir activities, including a performance at the Royal Hall, Harrogate.

Work across the two schools as part of the HART Alliance Ambassadors Scheme.

Shared attendance at sports tournaments in the area.

Joint Sports Team events and Level 2 Games (e.g. Girls Football).