Cherry Blossom Class (Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 (afternoons only)

Cherry Blossom Class is made up of Reception and Year 1 pupils and is taught by Mrs Grafton. Mrs Grafton is supported by Mrs Johnson-Ware and Mrs Clayton and PE is taught by our fantastic sports coach, Mr Finch. Our Year 2 pupils are taught by Miss Potter every morning and after lunch rejoin Year Reception & Year 1 with Mrs Grafton for the afternoon.

At the heart of provision in Cherry Blossom Class is child centred, resource rich play based learning. Children are encouraged to be independent from a very early stage and enjoy daily opportunities to learn and play both indoors and outdoors in their well resourced classroom.

This term we are continuing to learn about food and we are planning an exciting trip to 'The Chocolate Story' in York where we will learn where chocolate comes from. 

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