Hello children! (and parents & carers)

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break. (Maybe were lucky enough to enjoy a little chocolate treat!).

In my house we also had a birthday to celebrate and it gave me an idea for a little challenge.  

Below is a reminder of the things you can do to maintain your learning whilst we are away from school.


Read theory is still available and some of you have worked really hard on improving your reading. If you fancy a change try the  Literacy shed plus website below.  In addition you could write a review for any books you have read in the past couple of weeks and I have added a book review sheet to help you with this.


Talk for writing, for each age group, is available on the link below. This is a super resource for parents and children to share, collecting ideas, 'drawing' the stories and then writing them. Remember, there is no rush or pressure, just a lovely actvity to share.


White Rose learning have added new units to their website.  Go to the Summer Term Planning,

Home Learning and choose your year group. 

Year 4, take your time as the unit is about decimals, which we haven't done lots of work on. However, if you get stuck just think about pattern and place value and rememember, it works like money. Pounds are whole ones, ten pences are tenths as there are ten in one pound and the pennies are hundredths because there are one hundred in each pound.

Try to keep up TTRS everyday too.

Science / creative

Another silly science activity; this time looking at light and shadows. Look through the attached Twinkl powerpoint, then make and experiment with puppets.


Whilst we can't currently have a party we can still plan one - planning for fun is important!

Plan a celebration/ party for ten people. You should have a theme. You may decide on Lego, unicorns, rainbows, football, aliens or something else as your theme. Design the invitations, activities, food and decorations.   You have a budget of £50. Ask a grown up or older sibling to help you to work out how much things cost, completing your plans and your shopping list in your red book...

Have a great week and don't forget to share with us all the things you get up to....

Mrs K & Miss F