Hello Willow! 

I hope you have had an 'eggcellent' Easter and have managed to recharge your batteries or at the very least enjoyed some tasty Easter Eggs! Once again it has been brilliant looking at what everyone has been doing over this last week on Twitter (including the rest of the school and Goldsborough). If you haven’t checked it out yet take a look @GS_Federation 

Here are the main activities for this week with extra websites below for those keen eager beavers!


WHITE ROSE MATHS - https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ 

Please click on the appropriate year group. There is a guidance pack for parents, and a pupil pack. Each maths lesson shows a short video, and involves an independent task and then the answers can be checked together.

BBC Bitesize - This is a new resource launched today (Monday 20th April) and looks very good. I've included links below as an alternative to White Rose.



This is also a good resource for English.


Talk For Writing Home-school Booklets

Please use https://mailchi.mp/talk4writing/home-school-booklets. There are English booklets created for each year group.

Year 5 – The Year 5s will create their own text based on the story ‘Jumanji’.

Year 6 - The Year 6's will use 'Doors - The World Of Possibility' as a stimulus for writing.

Both workbooks have comprehension and grammar activities, and the children can work through them at their own pace. In addition, there are links to recordings of the original stories so that the children can work independently.

The booklets may form their English for the next two weeks.

Don't forget BBC Bitesize also has some great activities.


How Do Humans Change During Their Lifetime?

Have a look at the link below. Do you know the different stages in a human's life cycle? What are they called? What are the main characteristics of each stage? Are humans the same as other animals? This week i'd like you to research how humans change during their life cycle. What age ranges do you have in your own family? Maybe interview some members of your family in person or via facetime/zoom/the phone.



Be creative! You could make a PowerPoint, ‘Word’ report, Poster, Newspaper article, 3D model, piece of artwork or something else of your choosing. When you’re finished it would be great to see what you have been up to and share them on our Twitter page. Or email pictures to Mrs McCarthy at school (the school email). 

Other Useful Websites

Here is a quick reminder of the main websites and resources that you could be using during this week to carry on your learning.

You should have a login for the websites, but if you have forgotten or lost it please send an email to Mrs McCarthy and we will try our best to send a reminder. 

Reminder of Activities at home: 

Don’t forget – little and often – you don’t need to go on every site every day! 

TT Rockstars – try to complete 30 mins a session. https://ttrockstars.com/  

EDSHED - Spelling and Maths Shed website https://play.edshed.com/  Try and focus on Stages 5 and 6 

5 A Day Maths website  https://corbettmathsprimary.com/5-a-day/ 

Power Maths Books – 30 mins a session, if possible.  This may not be a complete lesson in the book.  Try to focus on pages that are not new to you.  

KIRFs – Spend 15 minutes working on some KIRF facts learning them by heart.  (Conker KIRFs has some great online games for this.) http://www.conkermaths.org/cmweb.nsf/pages/kirfs.html  

Daily Reading – at least 30 mins a day, write down new vocabulary – don’t forget to investigate what these words mean!  If you finish a book, complete a book review – we’d love to see these!  

Read theory – online reading comprehension minimum of 30 mins a session.  We can see your progress – Can you do 10 quizzes this week? Go to : readtheory.org/auth/login. I can see that lots of you have been really exploring this site. Well done to Sophie ... the most logins of the whole class!! 

Writing - Pobble 365 – just go to the pobble website (pobble365) and chose one that you like. Please remember to add the date of the one you chose to your title so I can share it when we get back to school. 

Handwriting and Spelling – 15 mins per day, using the statutory word lists provided. Or use Spelling Shed website (EDSHED) 

Year 6 : Your revision guides are a great resource. You can still let me know your ideas for renaming them!

Mr Doey's Youtube PE lessons - Please follow the link to Sporting Influence's online PE lessons. Mr Doey teaches at Goldsborough and taught here at Sicklinghall a few years ago. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVI1Px44RfkXT267Nk__mEg/videos

Charanga Music- Everyone should have a log in for Charanga music website.  There are lots of great activities on there too.

Maths On The Move - Challenge Sheets - Try these out ... something a little different! https://www.aspire-sports.co.uk/programme/maths-move-home-challenges?dm_...


More updates next week.

Take care and look after each other! 

Mr Morris and Mrs Keyse