Hello Silver Birch!

I was great to speak to some of you and your parents last week. Miss Fielding and I are missing you so much!  If i haven't managed to sepak to you yet I will try my best to call this week. I'm looking forward to finding out what you've been up to. This week I found out that Gracie-Mae's gardening is going well and that Toby and Clara have been enjoying lots of science. Harrison has been stargazing, and Brogan and Ruby have been having fun in their garden. Nicky has been very busy on readtheory and I'm very impressed with both the volume of work and level of answers. Fantastic work Nicky!

Hopefully you will all log on to compete in the Class battle on Timestable Rockstars against Willow class this week.  If we work together and everyone tries hard we will have a great result!

Remember to stick to a timetable agreed with your grown ups, doing some work at the same time each day, with lots of time for other activities too.  You should try to be independent for some of your work such as you handwriting and spelling, but always ask for help when you need it. 

Reading: Readtheory, Literacy shed or a good book. Why not try a little of each?

Writing: continue with the Talk for Writing project from last week.  If you wish to do even more writing Pobble 365 is still a great place to start.

Spelling/ Handwriting: go to EdShed and/or practise your word list

Maths: White Rose maths are continuing to provide excellent maths resources each week (this week it is Summer week 2) and we are in a class battle on Times Table Rockstars! 

Creative: - Music-  Logins for 'Charanga' were sent out before the holidays. Enjoy!

P.E.: have you managed to keep up with Joe Wicks?  Another thing to try is sessions from our PE provider (Sporting Influence) Coach Mr Doey


This week your challenge is a cross curricular project which will take us up to half term. 

Click on the link to go to any of the learning mentioned.

Have fun!

Mrs Keetley & Miss Fielding