Good Afternoon Willow! 

How are you all?  It all feels a little bit strange today doesn’t it?  But if you can get yourself into a bit of a routine this week, then everything will soon start to feel a bit more normal. 

So how do you learn at home? I thought I could pass on a few tips: 

1. When you are learning at home, do it 'little and often'.   Change between different activities, including some online ones, so that you don’t start to feel bored. 

2. You don’t have to do everything every day.  We don’t do reading comprehensions and long pieces of writing every day, do we?  It’s a good idea to try and do some Maths and some English each day but you don’t have to do it all!  Below is a list of reminders of the things you might do. 

3.  Make sure you move about!  Get outside in the garden, make yourself an exercise circuit, do some Go Noodle, join Joe Wicks on his YouTube page every morning at 9 (we’ll be there!), Relax Kids and Cosmic Yoga are great too. 

4. Be creative! This helps you to feel more positive and calmer about things.  Do the things you enjoy most – drawing, making, crafting, colouring, coding, singing, sewing, gardening. 

5. Keep in touch!  Call someone or even video call them, tweet the school account, send an email!  We’d love to hear from you. 

6. Take care of yourselves, wash your hands and be kind. It’s all a bit strange at the minute and everyone, even grown-ups, need an extra little bit of kindness, patience and help. 

Speak to you soon, 

Mr Morris 


Reminder of Activities at home: 

TT Rockstars – try to complete 30 mins a session. 

Spelling and Maths Shed website 

NEW WEBSITE: 5 A Day Maths website

Power Maths Books – 30 mins a session, if possible.  This may not be a complete lesson in the book.  Try to focus on pages that are not new to you. 

NEW - WHITE ROSE MATHS - A daily maths lesson with tuturial video, answer sheet and 'the answers!'

This is the main scheme followed at school and worth a look

KIRFs – Spend 15 minutes working on some KIRF facts learning them by heart.  (Conker KIRFs has some great online games for this.) 

Daily Reading – at least 30 mins a day, write down new vocabulary – don’t forget to investigate what these words mean!  If you finish a book, complete a book review – we’d love to see these! 

Read theory – online reading comprehension minimum of 30 mins a session.  We can see your progress – Can you do 10 quizzes this week? Go to : 

Pobble 365 – aim to complete 1 writing task per week. 

Handwriting and Spelling – 15 mins per day, using the statutory word lists provided. Or use Spelling Shed website. 

Year 6 : Your SATs revision guides are a great resource. But let’s not call them SATs guides anymore! Let me know your ideas for renaming them! 

Don’t forget there are more ideas for creative and topic based tasks on the original letter we sent out. 

If you’re finding it tricky, try a different activity and if all else fails – READ!   

Mr Morris