Hello Silver Birch!

I do hope you have been enjoying the lovely weather in your garden and that you are all well.

This week I'm going to set you a couple of challenges and remind you of the places you can go to make sure you continue learning - remember little and often with lots of ....fun!

For these you should have a login, but if you have forgotten or lost it please send an email to Mrs McCarthy and we will try our best to send a reminder.

Readtheory - take your time on the questions; a couple done well is better than lots you don't understand. Oscar has been very busy on readtheory so he is my 'reading hero' this week.  Brogan also has a mention as he got almost every one of his questions correct . Well done both of you.

Times table rockstars - daily is best: I have set different times tables for the next few weeks so you will find you are doing lots that seem the same for a week, then it will change the week after. The leader board is interesting with Toby and Charlotte up there with Willow children. Fantastic!

Spelling shed - once again little and often is best. Some children were absent when these were given out so if you haven't got a login by Thursday please let Mrs McCarthy know.  Don't forget you can also practise your handwriting whilst learning the spelling list sent in your pack.

Maths - for those of you who have 'powered' through the work in your folder, go to White Rose maths on the link below and chose your year group. There is a mini video and a task to do for each day. 

Writing - the writing tasks in your pack should take you through to next week but if you have already completed them just go to the pobble website (pobble365) and chose one that you like. Please remember to add the date of the one you chose to your title so I can share it when we get back to school.

Your challenges

1) Make or bake challenge

I have been doing a lot of baking this week and your first challenge is to bake or make something, and share your results on twitter or email. It can be anything; cake, scones, bread, a giant lego model, sewing or painting.  You chose, then share your photos.  

2) Fun with forces

Tilly has been going a little bit crazy with everybody at home. She's very excited most of the time and has been racing around the house and garden. Unfortunately she was going a bit too fast and slid on the runner, from one end of the hall to the other - it was a bit of a surprise for her!  Dogs don't understand about forces....

We have wooden floors, so they are slippy enough to be fun, but not so slippy it’s dangerous.  We have found that skidding is a lot more fun when wearing socks, but why is this?

Friction is a force that opposes movement between two materials moving past each other. Frictional Forces act in the opposite direction to the object trying to move and must be overcome for movement to start. Frictional forces are less on smooth surfaces, which is why we slide more easily when wearing socks.

If you think how easy it is to slide two bits of ribbon over each other and then think how hard it would be with two velcro strips, it makes it easier to visualise.

Some ideas for you - make sure there is an adult with you and be careful you don't slip over....

Try sliding on different surfaces with bare feet. Is it easier or harder on carpet than wood or tiles?

Try same with socks on, does it make a difference? What about wearing socks made of different materials?

Roll a toy car on carpet and tiles and see on which surface it travels the furthest. Then write about what you found out.

Have a super week - don't forget to share on twitter or by email - we love to see what you have been up to. 


Mrs Keetley & Miss Fielding