Slver Birch relax kids display

Relax Kids is very high profile in school at the moment. We have a full 'relax Kids' session each week, as well as daily meditation/deep breathing sessions. This week we have spent time as a class discussing the different parts of the brain. We all agreed upon: 

The Elephant brain - where we store our memories.

The Meerkat brain - this is our internal alarm system when we feel upset or worried.

The Owl brain - where we process information. 

Everyone understood that we need to calm our 'Meerkat brain' if we are to learn effectively. As a result, we have a range of strategies that we use on a regular basis to ensure we are always calm and ready to learn. We are very proud of how the children have taken this onboard. 

Take a look at our 'Relax Kids' display. We add a 'positive affirmation' card each day, as well as using our emotion check in.