Two pupils working together to make a den
two children trying to pass a beanbag around their legs
children mixing jelly, pretending it is a potion

Goldsborough Sicklinghall Federation is proud of the wide range of extra-curricular activities that are available to our pupils.

We believe in educating ‘the whole child’ and, therefore, we look to develop skills and experience in areas that the national curriculum does not always cover.

We are extremely proud that, as a small school, we offer such a wide range of extra curricular activities. There is an after school activity each evening, some run by school staff and some run by approved outside providers.

Previously our Clubs have included choir, football, netball, cricket, Multiskills, athletics, African percussion, science, martial arts, drama, dance and gardening clubs. Clubs are limited to specific age groups (e.g. 4-7 year olds) to ensure that we provide the best possible experience for our pupils.

We also run a number of lunchtime clubs at various times of the year such as cookery club and Lunchtime Librarians.

Clubs for 2020-21 Coming Soon (Covid-19 Guidelines permitting)