Girl reading old fashioned paper

History and Geography skills are alternated each half-term and integrated into a Topic which is further led by the children’s interests for EYFS. Explicit subject knowledge and skills are taught and applied in a rich and meaningful context. These topics are drivers for the half term with English work focused around this topic topic too and opportunities for the application of Maths skills.

Year 6 Cross curricular maths ideas such as graphs, pulse rate, and building shelters to scale.

Geography knowledge and understanding is a key driver of our curriculum. Both human and physical geography is studied in all classes and an awareness of the diversity of modern Britain and of the wider world is actively encouraged through direct teaching and independent activities. We are acutely aware that our school is situated in an area with a lack of cultural diversity. We actively promote an understanding of the range of cultures represented in our wider community and around the globe and enjoy active links with schools in Keighley and the Philippines.
History fires our pupils’ imaginations, transports them to times gone by and enables them to investigate the many and varied interpretations of local, national and world history. History is well represented in topics across all four classes. Pupils are taught to recount facts from famous events and explore the character, nature and actions of key figures in history. In KS1, pupils compare their own lives to those of their family and consider similarities and differences. They place key events in chronological order and begin to consider the different ways in which the past is presented. In KS2, pupils use timelines to chart chronology and explore reasons for events and changes. They compare the past with the present day and consider how different views of the past are formed. They gather and present evidence and link learning in drama, art and English to bring history learning to life.